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Melville 6-a-side 2023-24 results

2Team Alignz1070330151521
4Carlyon Future105142525016
7The Rangers102171027-177

1BCD Group1081130111925
2Carlyon Originals1080236142224
3Menzies Electrical105142421316
4Mad Demons103071323-109
5Times Black10235818-109
6Out on Bale10118734-274

Round 1

Oct-18 The Irregulars 2-2 Carlyon Future

Oct-18 Maniacs 2-3 Ballbusters

Oct-18 Team Alignz 2-1 Northerness

Oct-18 The Rangers 0-2 Hackers

Oct-18 Times Black 2-2 Menzies Electrical

Oct-18 BCD Group 4-1 Mad Demons

Oct-18 Out on Bale 1-10 Carylon Originals

Round 2

Oct-25 BCD Group 1-0 Out on Bale

Oct-25 Mad Demons 1-2 Times Black

Oct-25 Menzies Electrical 3-1 Carylon Originals

Oct-25 Northerness 5-1 Carlyon Future

Oct-25 The Irregulars 1-5 Ballbusters

Oct-25 Team Alignz 7-3 Hackers

Oct-25 Maniacs 2-1 The Rangers

Round 3

Nov-01 Carlyon Future 3-1 The Rangers

Nov-01 Hackers 2-2 Maniacs

Nov-01 Ballbusters 3-0 Team Alignz

Nov-01 Northerness 3-5 The Irregulars

Nov-01 Mad Demons 3-1 Out on Bale

Nov-01 Menzies Electrical 1-2 BCD Group

Nov-01 Times Black 0-3 Carylon Originals

Round 4

Nov-08 Out on Bale 3-0 Times Black

Nov-08 Carylon Originals 2-1 BCD Group

Nov-08 Mad Demons 3-2 Menzies Electrical

Nov-08 Ballbusters 6-1 The Rangers

Nov-08 Carlyon Future 2-1 Hackers

Nov-08 Northerness 3-0 Maniacs

Nov-08 The Irregulars 2-4 Team Alignz

Round 5

Nov-15 Hackers 2-6 Ballbusters

Nov-15 Maniacs 1-5 The Irregulars

Nov-15 The Rangers 3-1 Northerness

Nov-15 Team Alignz 6-1 Carlyon Future

Nov-15 Carylon Originals 2-1 Mad Demons

Nov-15 Times Black 2-2 BCD Group

Nov-15 Out on Bale 0-4 Menzies Electrical

Round 6

Nov-22 Times Black 0-1 Menzies Electrical

Nov-22 BCD Group 5-0 Mad Demons

Nov-22 Out on Bale 0-7 Carylon Originals

Nov-22 The Irregulars 1-2 The Rangers

Nov-22 Northerness 2-3 Hackers

Nov-22 Carlyon Future 0-2 Ballbusters

Nov-22 Team Alignz 3-1 Maniacs

Round 7

Nov-29 Ballbusters 1-2 Northerness

Nov-29 Hackers 3-0 The Irregulars

Nov-29 The Rangers 1-5 Team Alignz

Nov-29 Maniacs 2-6 Carlyon Future

Nov-29 BCD Group 3-0 Out on Bale

Nov-29 Mad Demons 0-2 Times Black

Nov-29 Menzies Electrical 4-5 Carylon Originals

Round 8

Dec-06 Mad Demons 4-0 Out on Bale

Dec-06 Menzies Electrical 2-6 BCD Group

Dec-06 Times Black 0-1 Carylon Originals

Dec-06 The Irregulars 4-2 Carlyon Future

Dec-06 Maniacs 3-7 Ballbusters

Dec-06 Team Alignz 1-0 Northerness

Dec-06 The Rangers 0-3 Hackers

Round 9

Dec-13 Out on Bale 0-0 Times Black

Dec-13 Carylon Originals 1-4 BCD Group

Dec-13 Mad Demons 0-2 Menzies Electrical

Dec-13 Northerness 2-5 Carlyon Future

Dec-13 The Irregulars 0-5 Ballbusters

Dec-13 Team Alignz 2-3 Hackers

Dec-13 Maniacs 1-1 The Rangers

Round 10

Dec-20 Carlyon Future 3-0 The Rangers

Dec-20 Hackers 4-3 Maniacs

Dec-20 Ballbusters 3-0 Team Alignz

Dec-20 Northerness 3-0 The Irregulars

Dec-20 Carylon Originals 3-0 Mad Demons

Dec-20 Times Black 0-2 BCD Group

Dec-20 Out on Bale 2-3 Menzies Electrical


6-a-side is a summer social competition that runs from October-February. The competition consists of weekly games in a friendly and competitive environment. It is open to players of all levels but we do have a limit on the number of teams that can enter.

For all inquires or to enter a team, please contact: