Update from the Chairman

Hi All,

No doubt you are all itching to get back on the fields however football is not able to happen as quickly as we all would like.

1. Government has advised no groups larger than 10 (including a coach) are able to train or play sport. So any training we might do would need to be in small groups of 10. This will be reviewed on 25 May 2020. We are working on return to training plan.

2. Specific Guidelines for individual sports are still being developed, including all the plans clubs need to prepare around cleaning, sanitation and social distancing including the management of facilities such as changing rooms and clubrooms. We still don’t know what a return to competition looks like including travel to games etc, which clearly could not happen under level 2 unless there was a change announced on May25.

3. Until we have a detailed plan in place we are unable to book fields from Hamilton City Council and they will not allow us access. Sport NZ and National sporting bodies are providing guidance on drawing up a “same way plan”.. Once these documents are available we can put things in place to book fields. Until that has been done we will not be able to book fields for training, use fields ad hoc or turn floodlights on as clearly that would be for club use. Just as an aside in Auckland fields may potentially not be available for use for another 2 weeks while maintenance is being done, we are seeking guidance from Hamilton City on this.

Please bear with us, as a club we are working as hard as possible to get everything under way as quickly as possible. As you know we are all volunteers and like you want to get things started as soon as possible. I will update you as soon as we have field bookings confirmed.

Thanks Again


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