Season Postponement Update

Covid-19 and 2020 Player Registrations


As you are aware, it was announced in late March that all football would be delayed until 2 May 2020. Since this was announced the world as we know it has continued to change at a rapid rate and clearly this date is no longer viable.

We have been informed today that the winter football season will now start no earlier than Saturday 30 May 2020. This also sees the suspension of all training extended out until 16th May.

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This update has come from New Zealand Football, with the input of the seven federations and while it may not be the news we were hoping to hear, it shows that both NZF and WaiBOP are continuing to work hard in the background to have a 2020 football season and that as soon it is safe to do so, we can get back to enjoying the game we love.

Player Registrations:

Like all other clubs, we are still accepting player registrations for the 2020 season, and we will happily accept your registration, however, we ask you please don’t put yourselves under any pressure to get registered for the season. This is a very uncertain and trying time for many people, with financial pressure and job security front of many peoples minds and there are potentially more pressing matters to be dealt with.

We are currently in a holding pattern, waiting on some key decisions to be made around when we can get back to the game we love. Unfortunately, these decisions not only impact our ability to play the game, but also to do things such as budget for season costs.

While I make no promises, I will say that a review of season playing fees is something we as a committee will be discussing, once we have all necessary information from New Zealand Football, NRFL, WaiBOP and Hamilton City Council on our costs.

We are also seeking to clarify how our projected sponsorships may be affected by Covid-19 and what, if any, flow on impacts this will have on our clubs operations.

We will continue to keep our members posted on updates as they come to hand.

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