Melville Coaches Upskill

Melville United Coach and Head of Sports Science Simon Tyndel has spent the last 2 weeks completing the OFC A Licence coaching qualification.  Held in Auckland at QBE Stadium, the A Licence course is the highest qualification offered by New Zealand Football.  The course has been run by former NZ Football Technical Director Rob Sherman.

Tyndel along with 17 other coaching candidates has been put through an intensive programme of practical and theory based sessions. Tyndel is the only representative from a Waikato based club on the course. The A Licence qualification is largely considered to be a pre-requisite for coaches wanting to work at the elite level of the game. However, Tyndel believes the qualification does not guarantee anything.

“I’m really lucky to be on the course but I don’t believe it’s going to make me an outstanding coach over-night.  I look at it like getting your Driver`s Licence – it allows you on the road but doesn’t make you a great driver.  Time on the grass, experience and learning off other coaches is what will ultimately help me develop into a top coach”

Before completing the Qualification, Tyndel will have to submit 4 filmed coaching sessions along with a portfolio of logged coaching theory.  While the qualification involves a serious time commitment Tyndel says it is a necessary process to go through.

“I`ve had to miss a few of the First Team and Academy sessions this last week which has been a bit frustrating as I’m desperate to start working with the players.  The course involves a big commitment but if you want opportunities to coach at the highest level it’s a process you have to go through”

Tyndel is not the only Melville coach to be upskilling their knowledge this week with current First Team player Luke Searle completing his Junior Level 3 in Rotorua.  While playing is still his main focus Searle says the coaching pathway is in his future plans.

Photo courtesy of Waibop Football.

“I`m still a player first and foremost, but coaching is something I`m looking at as a potential career further down the line.  I think it`s a good idea to start get my qualifications now, rather than waiting until I finish playing”

Searle is part of a new initiative that will see First Team players coach on Melville United Junior and Youth Development programmes.  First Team coach Michael Mayne says this is a logical step for the club.

“As players, these lads are exposed to the type of coaching Sam and I are trying to promote at the club. While they still need educating before they go and start coaching young players, they already have a good understanding of the coaching philosophy we are instilling at the club so it makes sense to get them involved.  It’s also great for the young players on our coaching programmes to start building relationships with First Team players”

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