Unicorns to feature at Melville AGM

All current and intending club members are invited to attend the Melville United AFC Annual General Meeting on Saturday November 11, 2pm at Gower Park.

The meeting is expected to be wrapped up well in advance of the All Whites-Peru match at 3.30pm.

The meeting will be preceded by the newly established East v West match at 11.30am. This replaces the tradition Married v Singles match, dropped because Married players increasingly struggled to get permission to play.

Those wishing to be considered for selection in the esteemed East v West contest should contact Phil Wheatley (021 906-262) for more details. Selection critieria includes attendance at the AGM following.

As well as presentation of the annual report and annual financial statements, feature of this year’s AGM agenda is a notice of motion calling for Melville to formally adopt the nickname “The Unicorns” and write it into the club’s constitution.

It calls for rule 1 of the constitution to be changed to read:

Rule 1; TITLE

The name of the Club is MELVILLE UNITED ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB INCORPORATED hereinafter referred to as The Club. The official nickname of the club is “The Unicorns”.

The statement of case has been lodged:

Sports clubs the world over have long embraced the practice of adopting a nickname. It’s a tribal sense, it’s a fundamental accessory. Indeed, at top level is an integral element of club marketing.

Examples abound in New Zealand football. Our parent club, Waikato United, were widely known as “The Bulls”. Before that, Hamilton AFC were known as the Muir Park Dynamos

In some cases the nickname is written into the club/team name: Think of the Canterbury Dragons. In other cases the link is more associative. Think of “The Ponies” (Ellerslie) or “The Green Machine” (Ngaruawahia).

Melville United as a club have been long overdue for an endearing nickname.

If club members accept the proposition that Melville are worthy of having a nickname, then enshrining it in the constitution is the best method of formalising it. Going through such a process requires a 75 per majority from those voting, which is a good threshold for acceptance, and raising it at an AGM is the most democratic way if doing things.

Nicknames are commonly derived from club emblems, and in Melville’s case a study of the club’s crest (overdue for a tidy-up) recently made clear it features two fire-breathing unicorns.

That makes “The Unicorns” a perfect fit as a club nickname.

Imagery-wise everyone loves unicorns. They have a reputation for being elusive – things you can never quite see or catch – but are considered one of a very few mythological creatures to be beneficial in almost all traditions.

The Unicorn represents love, purity, and the seeking of natural truth. It symbolizes balance of the yin and yang, and recognizes the power and mystique that animals can bring into our lives; which can ultimately help us learn the core of who we really are.

And it’s gender-neutral, insofar as a Unicorn can be male or female. (We wouldn’t want our women’s teams to be nicknamed as “Bulls” or “Stallions”.)

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