If the cap fits – buy it!

A new batch of Melville United caps are now on sale at the clubrooms, for $20 each.

Melville club captain Phil Wheatley said the caps, available in both trendy red and chic black, were always quick sellers and advised buyers to get in quick.

“These caps are historically popular with players, Unicorns supporters – and even some visiting fans looking for a memento from the day they went to Gower and nearly didn’t get beaten,” Wheatley said.

Wheatley said Melville caps had long been regarded as the ideal all-year-round football accessory.

“They’re a Gower staple, practical but fashionable, and perfect for keeping the sun off the skin, or hiding the tell-tale signs of those late-night bar sessions.

“And for the females they can cover for any bad-hair days and also act as a great selfie prop.

“We had considered taking a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book and producing some ‘Make Melville Great Again’ caps, but decided to stick with the club crest as a classic football topper.

“It’s first in, first served.”

Also available are Melville car stickers at a bargain $2 each.

Melville car sticker

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