Gower Park upgrade continues

Pitch upgrade work is continuing at Gower Park, with a pop-up irrigation system having now been installed on training pitch 6, which is also in the throes of being sand-slit and resurfaced.

A larger pump has been installed at the clubrooms end of the park, with a new irrigation mains running approximately 600m to service the Sandleigh St (academy) end. The Alison St carpark is still closed because of the continuing work.

Pitch 6 is not expected to be operational until the end of May, but once it is completed Melville’s capacity to use it will be greatly extended.

Pitches 3, 4, and 5 now have capacity to be watered via a travelling irrigator thanks to the extended waterworks. However pitches 3 and 4 are still recovering from the installation of new lateral drainage and council has advised no pre-season games should be played on these pitches, and any early-season matches may also have to be transferred.

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