(as amended at the AGM, November 18, 2017)


    Rule 1; Title
    Rule 2; Objects
    Rule 3; Colours
    Rule 4; Membership
    Rule 5; Resignation of Member
    Rule 6; Fees and Subscription
    Rule 7; Entry of Teams and Conduct
    Rule 8; General Meeting
    Rule 9; Officers
    Rule 10; Management Committee
    Rule 11; Voting Power
    Rule 12; Honorary Secretary
    Rule 13; Honorary Treasurer
    Rule 14; Bank Account
    Rule 15; Control of Club Funds
    Rule 16; Borrowing Powers
    Rule 17; Common Seal
    Rule 18; Registered Office
    Rule 19; Auditor
    Rule 20; Winding Up
    Rule 21; Alteration to Rules
    Rule 22; Financial Year

    Rule 1; TITLE

    The name of the Club is MELVILLE UNITED ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL CLUB hereinafter referred to as The Club.

    Rule 2; OBJECTS

    The objects for which The Club is established are as follows:-

    a) To foster, control, and encourage the game of association football, particularly in the Waikato area of New Zealand.

    b) To purchase, take on lease or exchange, hire, or otherwise acquire any real or personal property and any rights or privileges which The Club may think necessary or convenient.

    c) To raise money by subscription and to grant any rights and privileges to subscribers.

    d) To make, adapt, vary, and publish rules, by-laws and all regulations dealing with any of the matters comprised in the above mentioned objects, and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing such rules, regulation, by-laws and conditions.

    Rule 3; COLOURS

    The Club colours shall be a combination of RED, GREEN, WHITE and BLACK. The colours shall not be changed without the concurrence of 75 per cent of the financial members present at a General Meeting specially called for that purpose.

    Rule 4; MEMBERSHIP

    The Club be affiliated to the No 3 District Federation of New Zealand Football Inc, commonly known as WaiBop Federation, and shall conform to such rules and regulations as it shall deem fit and proper.

    Every application for ordinary membership that is by a person for membership of The Club to become a registered player shall be made on the authorised registration form prescribed by the No 3 District Federation of New Zealand Football, or if the person is already a registered player of another club, he/she shall be required to comply with the rules of the relevant association relating to the transfer and shall duly apply for a transfer by submitting a transfer request in the prescribed manner, accompanied by a fee, where necessary.

    Honorary Members; shall consist of the Patron, President, Vice President, and such other persons as may be elected to honorary membership by General Meeting of The Club. Honorary members shall not be required to pay a subscription and shall have the same rights and privileges as financial members.

    Ordinary Membership; Persons wishing to become ordinary members shall apply to the Secretary and upon acceptance and payment of subscription shall be entitled to full rights and privileges of The Club.

    Register; The Club shall maintain a register of all Life Members, Honorary Members, playing members and non-playing members of The Club.

    Life Members; Any member, for service rendered, may be elected a life member of The Club, but only at a General Meeting of The Club, and by a 2/3rd’s majority of the financial members present. The name of any proposed Life Member must be submitted to and approved by the Management Committee prior to the election taken place. A Life Member shall be entitled to all privileges of membership including that of voting at all meetings but without liability to subscription.

    Visitors; The Club also extends reciprocal visiting rights to any New Zealand Football-affiliated teams or players who are active on matchdays at Gower Park.


    Any member wishing to resign from The Club must do so by sending a resignation or transfer request to the Secretary. The Management Committee shall have the power to remove from the Membership Register the name of any person whose subscription is unpaid for one season, or who commits misconduct or does not act within the interests of The Club.


    The annual fees for ordinary membership and registered playing membership shall be fixed at a meeting convened under the Management Committee and that this matter be finalised no later than February 1 following the Annual General Meeting.

    Every registered member of The Club shall be required to pay such fees as are fixed by the Executive Committee prior to the first official fixture. The Management Committee shall be empowered to deal with such members who fail to comply with the rule as may be considered necessary. Every offending playing member shall be dealt with as the Management Committee shall deem to be in the interests of The Club.

    The Annual subscription shall be sufficient to cover such expenses as are necessary to ensure the efficient administration of The Club.


    Any player member who shall be in arrears with his/her subscription to The Club without supplying a satisfactory reason to the Management Committee shall be reported to the No 3 District Federation of New Zealand Football and shall be disqualified from taking part in any match until such arrears have been paid to The Club. Having made application for membership to The Club, any person remaining un-financial after a period of one calendar month shall have their application declined until such time as the fee determined by the Executive Committee has been paid in full.

    Rule 7; ENTRY OF TEAMS

    The Club shall enter that number of teams and in any division which it is capable of controlling and is authorised under the rules of the No 3 District Federation of New Zealand Football.

    Rule 7a; CONDUCT

    The Club is responsible to the No 3 District Federation of New Zealand Football for the conduct of all its players and officials.

    The management Committee shall have the power to call on any player or member to explain or answer for his/her conduct.

    The Club shall have the power to reprimand, fine, suspend, accept the resignation of, or expel any member who shall infringe any rules or whose actions shall in their opinion be detrimental to the interest of The Club.


    The Annual General Meeting of The Club shall be held not later than November 30th in each year. At least seven day’s notice of such General Meetings shall be advertised on the club’s website or in external media; or given to members by the secretary, together with an agenda specifying the nature of the business to be transacted.

    The Management Committee shall also have power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.

    Five or more financial members shall be required to form a quorum at any General Meeting.

    Every question submitted to a meeting shall be decided by a show of hands, on the voices, or by Ballot as the chairperson may direct.

    Except where these rules otherwise direct a resolution shall be carried by a simple majority of the financial members present and voting.

    The chairperson of The Club shall preside at all meetings of The Club unless he/she is unavailable and then he/she shall appoint a nominee.

    Rule 9; OFFICERS

    The officers of The Club shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of all or any of the following;

    • Patron
    • President
    • Vice Presidents (number not limited.)
    • Chairperson
    • Honorary Secretary
    • Honorary Treasurer


    The Management Committee shall be elected at the Annual general Meeting and shall consist of President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to twelve (12) other members.

    Five (5) members shall form a quorum for the Management Committee.

    Each officer of The Club shall be entitled to attend and vote at all General Meetings, and may attend any or all Management Committee Meetings.

    The Management Committee has power to appoint sub-committees but such shall be subordinate to the Management Committee. After that, the Management Committee has the power to co-opt members. Such members shall not have the right to vote.

    Any member of the Management Committee absenting themselves from three consecutive meetings of the committee without reasonable excuse shall be deemed to have vacated his/her seat on the committee.

    Nominations for seats on the Management Committee may be sent to the Secretary prior to the Annual General meeting. Should sufficient nominations be not forthcoming (including retiring members who seek re-election) the Chairperson of the Annual General Meeting may accept nominations at the meeting.

    The Management Committee shall have power to deal with all matters concerning the appointment of any officers for special duties, the interpretation of these rules, and the determination of any matters not specially provided for therein.

    The resolutions and decisions of the Management Committee shall be binding upon all members of The Club until they are rescinded or varied by the vote of the majority of financial members present and voting at a General Meeting.

    No association football match shall be played under the name of The Club without the sanction of the Management Committee.

    Rule 11; VOTING POWERS

    At the Annual General Meeting only financial members (those who have met the terms of their annual subscription), honorary members and life members may vote. Proxy votes are allowed as long as both the nominee and nominator are financial members and the proxies are lodged with the Chairman in writing before the start of the meeting.

    Vacancies occurring during the year amongst any officers or members of the Management Committee may be filled by resolution of the Management Committee and shall be subject to confirmation at the earliest General Meeting.


    The Honorary Secretary shall conduct the correspondence and have custody of documents belonging to The Club. He/she shall notify members of the committee at least three (3) clear days prior to any Committee and General Meeting. He/she shall keep full and correct minutes of all Committee and General Meetings, and produce them at all meetings and shall file all records and communications connected with The Club.

    The committee shall have power to grant an honorarium to the Honorary Secretary as the Annual General Meeting may decide.


    The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all monies due to The Club and His/Her receipt shall be a sufficient discharge. All monies so received shall be paid by him/her into The Club account at the Bank, or such other bank as the committee determines.

    He /she shall submit at the Annual General Meeting an account of his/her receipts and disbursements and a statement of the assets and liabilities that have been reviewed, unless prepared by a chartered accountant.

    The committee shall have power to grant an honorarium to the Honorary Treasurer as the Annual General Meeting may decide.

    Rule 14; BANK ACCOUNT

    The funds of The Club shall be lodged with the bank as the Management Committee may determine. Trustees to operate thereon to be appointed from time to time by resolution of Annual General meeting or Management Committee.


    The funds of The Club shall be in the absolute control of the Management Committee but subject to all general directions from time to time given by financial members of The Club during any General Meeting.


    The Management Committee shall have power to raise any sum of money for any of the purposes set out in rule 15 hereof, and, or, to pledge, mortgage, or give security for such monies over any of the assets of The Club both real and personal.

    Rule 17; COMMON SEAL

    The Common Seal of The Club shall be kept in the custody of The Club Secretary and shall be affixed to any necessary document.


    The registered office of the club shall be Gower Park, 49 Alison St, or such other place as shall from time to time be fixed be the Management Committee. Notice of the situation of such registered office shall be forthwith given to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, as also shall any change therein.

    Rule 19; AUDITOR

    The auditor shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and it shall be his/her duty to examine the Treasurers Balance Sheet and all accounts relating thereto, and if he/she shall find the same to be correct he/she shall certify the same.

    Rule 20; WINDING UP

    The Club may be wound up upon a resolution to that effect being carried be a majority of financial members personally present at a Special General Meeting of The Club called for that purpose, and so confirmed at a subsequent General Meeting called for that purpose and held not earlier than thirty (30) days after the date on which such resolution was passed, and in the event of such resolution being carried and confirmed the property and effects of The Club shall be handed over to a trust, formed for the purpose of deciding the outcome of The Club assets, for a period of up to five (5) years.


    No rule of The Club shall be repealed or altered and no new rule shall be made save by a majority of 2/3rd’s of the financial members present and voting at a Special General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting of The Club, and that fourteen (14) clear days notice of his/her intention to propose any new rule or alteration shall be given to the Secretary who shall give notice to the members of the same by circular or advertisement at least seven (7) clear days before the Special General meeting or Annual General Meeting being held.


    The financial year of The Club shall commence on the first day of October in each year and shall conclude on the last day of September next following.