All go at Gower Park

Work is underway on sand-slitting Gower Park’s No 3 pitch, after which Gower Park 4 will get the same improved drainage treatment.

Both pitches will be out of commission for the 2020 pre-season period, which will mean resources may be at a premium for club activity from February to March.

Once work on those pitches is complete, the focus will shift to a more intensive upgrade of Gower Park No 6, which will be sidelined for the early part of the season, and impact on floodlit training schedules.

While the work is welcomed, it means we’re headed for a tricky few months in terms of ground allocation.

Club members seeking to schedule pre-season matches at Gower Park will need to liaise closely with club captain Phil Wheatley.

Melville first team training is tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday February 4.

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