ACADEMY UPDATE: Video analysis

Analysis. Video Analysis. Team Analysis. All words that are thrown about fairly regularly in clubs and teams wanting to progress in the modern era.

With advancements in technology and the access to more resources, analysis is one of the ‘buzz’ words that is thrown around lately. But what are its uses and how can a young academy benefit from it?

Analysis, or video analysis has been around for a long time. Coaches have been using footage to review their practice for many years. This is not new. What is probably more advanced is the software used to make viewing footage more effective for the player.

There are plenty of advocates for and against the use of analysis and this piece is not about delving into those discussions, instead giving you some insight into how we are taking a tool, used primarily as a performance tool (results driven performance), and utilising it for development of young players.

Our players have been introduced to using an online platform called Hudl. Hudl is where footage can be uploaded and your players can go in and view that footage using any device or computer with internet access.

To make it even more engaging for the players to use, we spend time ‘coding’ their individual clips where they can go directly to viewing their own actions in a game without having to watch through a whole game. Our players all have individual development objectives as part of the programme. We ask the players to go and watch their clips and find examples where they can start working towards improving towards their player objectives.

Where we will look to progress the use of analysis this year is giving all development feedback in small videos with footage of them during trainings and games. We want to go away from meaningless spreadsheet feedback and make sure every part of this academy is purposeful. These will be short and informative videos that they can refer back to at anytime with specific detail to the player with the support of real evidence of their play.

New to the MUFA is the acquisition of a drone. The drone is a perfect example of where technology has advanced and allows us to improve the development of players.

The advantage of the drone is we are able to film anywhere with the best angles. The drone has been a welcomed addition to the programme. We believe that this is a point of difference that is going to help the players gain more advanced perspectives of their own performance.

Look towards the sky and you will probably see the drone at work for the first team today.

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