6-a-side starts Wednesday October 12

BELOW is the draw for the grading round of Melville twilight 6-a-side on Wednesday October 7. We will crack straight into league matches the following Wednesday unless there are major question marks.

For this week kick-off times are at 5.30, 6.05, and 6.40pm (because of questionable light later on). In following weeks they will be at 5.40; 6.15; and 6.50pm.

A reminder that teams due to play at 5.30pm (or 5.40pm) should arrive early enough to carry one of the portable goals to their designated pitch and teams playing last should remember to return the goals to the changing rooms.

6-a-side fields will be based on the Gower Park pitches No 2, 3, and four and will vary over the course of the season as we accommodate pitch renovations.

Numbering is: Closest to the clubrooms is pitch 1, adjacent to it is pitch 2, next closest pitch 3 etc,

Rules have been circulated. But in particular, please note the following:

* No firm-studded footwear is allowed.

* Results must be filled in on results sheet at the bar following matches.

Also, don’t forget, this is a SOCIAL tournament, not the Cup Final, so let’s not have prima donna behaviour and humpty attitudes out on the pitch.

The referees are all volunteers. If their decision-making is below the standards you expect, you are probably not the sort of player this competition is pitched at, and should probably just concentrate on trying to make the All Whites.

The clubrooms bar is also open following matches.

If postponement is required, it will be notified on the www.melvilleunited.co.nz website at 4pm on the day, or where possible teams will be notified by email.

All inquiries or queries to PHIL WHEATLEY, Ph 021 906-262.


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