2017 Great Melville Quiz

The 2017 Great Melville Quiz is being held on Monday August 7 at the TDO (The Dinsdale Office) in Dinsdale (adjacent to the Countdown Supermarket).

Start time is 7pm, teams of up to eight are permitted with entry $10 per head. Funds will go towards the Melville U19 team competing in Napier at Labour Weekend.

Melville club captain, Honest Phil Wheatley, said apart from it being a prime opportunity for all the club eggheads and swots to show their vast knowledge, it was also a great chance for all teams to have a get together and meet other club members.

Teams can include friends, family, work colleagues, parents or renowned quiz burglars and gurus.

“It is mandatory that every Melville team enters the quiz,” Wheatley said. “This is a core club event and we would appreciate everyone’s support.

“Even if quizzes are not your thing, it should be regarded as a fundamental club experience to see a room full of incredibly smug-looking people, all basking in the warm glow of their superior knowledge.

“And apart from the fundraising and the social dimension, there is always an anthropological curiousity in seeing fellow club members adapt to the competitive atmosphere after dark,”

Last year a team comprised of leading Reserve players and management won the 2016 Great Melville Quiz. Stu Campbell, Merv Williams, Wytse Bouma, Josh Nooijen, Larry Grayson and Devon Williams
won by two points from Benteke Fried Chicken, a team comprised of Kieran Lomas.

Please confirm your team entry with either Phil Wheatley or Andrea Timings as soon as possible.

To warm you up and get you in the mood, Honest Phil has supplied a few commonly repeated quiz questions…

What is the only man-made object observable from the moon?

In which country would you find eight of the world’s highest 10 mountains?

Which common English word changes its pronunciation when the first letter is capitalized?

What year were Rotherham United runners-up in the Football League Cup?

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