200 games for Aaron Scott

Melville honoured Aaron Scott with a presentation in recognition of having made over 200 major appearances for the club following the home match against Bay Olympic.

Bay Olympic could not stay for the aftermatch, but the clubrooms were full, given the wider Brycki clan were attendance, inluding his brothers-in-law and fellow 200-club members Wayne Bates and Josh Billman.

Scott made his Melville debut in 2003 as a schoolboy, and his tally comes on top of close to 150 national league appearances as well, after making his debut at that level in 2004, and 10 international caps.

Melville coach Steve Williams said Scott had been a study in club loyalty at a time when he could have played anywhere he liked (and Scott confirmed he got offers every years from some quarters).

Williams noted Scott had got a good grounding in starting his working life as a painter before turning to school teaching.

In the match programme chairman Bruce Holloway said Aaron has had an impact on the club and the code far beyond statistics and was a true Melville legend,

“For Melville he has been the ultimate role model. For many years his thicker team mates thought his name was Aaron Manofthematch, so often did he get honours for his on-field deeds, and it is not over-stating it to conclude that he has been the most constant and commanding player influence at Melville since amalgamation in 1996.”

Scott has also been the leading poster boy for the wider code here. He was official ambassador for the Fifa U-20 World Cup in the Waikato last year, and more recently he starred as the narrator-presenter in a short documentary summarising the impact of the tournament in Hamilton, which was aired at the WaiBop AGM.

Meanwhile Josh Billman was honoured for his 250th first team appearance. Billman was re-presented with the silver hip flask the club had borrowed from him to get the engraving pattern for Scott’s 200-match trophy, though in due course he will be awarded a fresh piece of memorabilia.


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