Melville women win

Melville Women’s Development team claimed their second win of the season, 3-1 against Hamilton Wanderers at Porritt Stadium, to remain top equal in Waikato Women’s A Division.

Although the weather conditions were perfect for football, the match was a tough slog on an unmown, bumpy pitch.

In the pre-match team talk, Melville coach Lance Vervoort asked his team to focus on holding strong in defence, to move the ball out wide swiftly, and to push forward to support the attackers.

For the most part of the first half, both teams struggled to keep the ball on the deck and play to feet. Antonia Timings took charge of the backline as sweeper, with defenders Laura Davidson, Summer Gunn and Selena Timings working hard to dominate in the air, and pace the Wanderers attackers storming through the midfield.

Midfielder Nat Hallett broke the score line after Sarah Mete sent a screamer through-ball between two Wanderers defenders for Nat to run onto and slip past the keeper.

Shortly into the second-half, Melville was caught off-guard leaving an unmarked Wanderers striker to capitalise a one-on-one with Melville keeper Emma Clarke.

The 1-1 scoreline spurred Melville to step-up and take the game back. Andrea Timings provided strong direction in backline, and wingers Johnelle Wereta and Erica Teare worked hard up and down the flanks.

The game changed when Summer Gunn was moved into a striker role, and Jana Furlan to the right wing. Summer was tenacious up front and took an opportunity shoot through the defence and straight past the keeper. Melville’s confidence grew once they were ahead 2-1, and Jana helped to solidify the win by sending a beautiful cross into the penalty area. The Wanderers keeper came out to safely catch the cross, but striker Sarah Mete managed to dive in and flick the ball past the keeper to secure a 3-1 win.

Summer Gunn was the Player’s Player of the Day, and Nat Hallett received the coach’s Player of the Day.

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