Privacy Policy – Draft 19 September 2016

Privacy Policy Statement

The principles of the Privacy Act 1993 will be reflected in the activities of Melville United AFC
Note: Refer the Privacy Act 1993


  1. Personal information collected by Melville United AFC will be for a necessary and lawful purpose connected with the activities of Melville United AFC.
  2. Personal information will be collected only with the knowledge and informed consent of the individual concerned.
  3. For player registration purposes, team coaches or managers may ask players for this information and then pass it onto Melville United AFC. Melville AFC may in turn pass this information onto WaiBOP Football Federation & New Zealand Football.
  4. Melville United AFC will not disclose personal information to anyone other than the individual concerned unless; disclosure is for the purpose the information was obtained, source of information is publicly available, disclosure is authorized by the individual concerned, disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen serious threat to public health or individual’s life or health.
  5. Personal information will be stored to meet the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.
  6. The Club Secretary will act as the Privacy Officer.

Review Date – September 2016 (last revision of this policy)