We offer a One 2 One Coaching programme providing opportunities for young players to develop, refine and maximise their playing ability.

Our One 2 One Coaching programme accelerates improvement in players and focuses on their ability to be outstanding in game situations. One 2 One Coaching is invaluable for developing players of all ages and crucial in developing individual skills and confidence.

One 2 One Sessions:

Simon Tyndel heads up our One 2 One programme.  Simon is a OFC B License coach who has worked at Sheffield Wednesday and Watford FC in the UK, Simon is currently a Lead Academy and First Team coach at Melville United.  As well as being a vastly experienced One 2 One coach, Simon also brings and extensive background in physical development.  Simon most recently worked at Perth Glory as part of their Sport Science department.

Simon specialises in sessions that combine skill acquisition with physical development.

Sessions cost $30 per hour or $20 per hour if working in a pair.

To book a session with Simon please call : 022 326 5685

One 2 One Goal Keeper Sessions:


Max Tommy heads up our One 2 One Goal Keeping programme. Max is the First Team Goal Keeper at Melville United and brings a high level of experience having played at a semi professional level in New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

Max is a Goal Keeper coaching specialist and has already worked with a number of the top young keepers in the region.

Sessions involve game related drills, cardio fitness and Technical feedback suited to the individual keeper’s.

To book a session please contact Max:
Number: 020 4112 2246
Email: 2mtgoal@gmail.com