Melville’s Curry looks hot

New Melville signing George Curry says he will be disappointed if the club don’t win promotion this season, after a couple of weeks of summing up his new home and team.

Curry has returned from a short stay in the UK after playing for Waitemata in the last couple of winters, and Waitakere United in their previous two summer campaigns, and football watchers are already earmarking him as likely to be one of the best players in northern league division one.

“We’ve got a strong team,” Curry said. “Promotion is the aim.

“The standard in training has been really good, and I have been impressed with a number of the young boys in the squad. They can play.”

In an environment where he was attracting offers from all over the place, two factors attracted Curry to Melville.

The 26-year-old has great respect for Melville co-coaches Sam Wilkinson and Michael Mayne, having worked with both of them.

“I know what they are like as coaches, and I think my game suits their style.”

But he saw the Gower Park No 1 pitch as being the club’s biggest selling point.

“People here don’t realise how lucky they are, particularly compared to the the pitches you get in the UK,” he said. “The quality of the pitch means you have the opportunity to play a good style of football, whereas with so much lower-league football in the UK the state of te pitches means it is just fight-ball.”

Curry is a stand-out central midfielder. While it was obvious his golf game needs work at the Melville Classic, on the football pitch it’s a different story. He has keen spatial awareness, creativity, and an excellent knowledge of the game.

He first came to New Zealand three years ago after having previously worked alongside Melville co-coach Sam Wilkinson as a youth academy coach at Birmingham City. Curry secured his coaching badges early as a career move, after suspecting as a teen he was unlikely to crack a professional playing career from semi-pro ranks in the Midlands.

“I play primarily for enjoyment now. And I have made the best friends over here.”

Curry is a keen Aston Villa fan, with Barcelona as his bit on the side. He struggled to nominate an English player he admires, but is a huge Lionel Messi fan.

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